Are All Brake Calipers the Same

Resources Even if you know about brake calipers, you may think a brake caliper is a brake caliper, that they’re all the same. But, you’d be wrong. Brake calipers vary based on a vehicle’s purpose. Single-piston Calipers Single-piston design dominated early hydraulic calipers. The caliper had only one piston that forced the brake pads against … Read more

How To Know When Brake Calipers Need Changing

Resources Because automotive companies design and manufacture brake calipers to last the life of a car or truck, most people haven’t experienced a brake caliper failure. As a result, they aren’t familiar with the symptoms of caliper failure, which can range from subtle to obvious. Many drivers aren’t aware that brake calipers can fail to … Read more

How Brake Calipers Stop A Vehicle

Resources Brake calipers provide the ‘muscle’ needed to stop a vehicle. Calipers are one of the three main components of a car or truck’s brake system. Brake Calipers Overview The brake caliper works with the brake rotor and brake pads applying friction against the wheels, turning the energy into heat. The faster and heavier a … Read more

Brake Caliper Material Types

Resources Brake calipers are the ‘muscle’ component of disc brake systems. Because they have to hold up under extreme conditions, they are made from super-strong materials. Calipers are subjected to: the hydraulic pressure of brake fluid, the extreme heat generated when braking, and very dirty road conditions. Any auto part expected to last for the … Read more

What Causes Brake Calipers to Fail

Resources Only one of the primary components of a vehicle’s braking system doesn’t need regular maintenance. Brake calipers are not engineered or manufactured to need regular care. But the other two maintenance items, the brake pads and brake rotors must be maintained. Brake pads need the most attention because of the wear from heat and … Read more

What is a Brake Caliper

Resources Modern disc brake systems work with the coordinated effort of three primary components. These components are the brake pads, the brake caliper, and the brake rotor or disc. The brake caliper is the muscle. Brake Calipers Purpose Brake calipers house the brake pads. They use hydraulic pressure to squeeze the brake pads against the … Read more