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Brake Rotors Material Types

Brake rotors are manufactured from many different materials, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

Steel Brake Rotors

Rotors made from steel are thinner and weigh less than cast iron rotors. They have excellent stopping ability and hold up well under overheating conditions. Common in drag racing vehicles where low weight is desirable, they cost more than cast iron rotors and wear out faster.

Layered Steel Brake Rotors

These rotors overcome problems that arise with solid steel rotors. Made with thin sheets of steel laminated together, they last longer so don’t have to be replaced as often. You’ll find them in racing applications because of their lighter weight, higher durability, and resistance to warping.

Aluminum Brake Rotors

These lightweight rotors release heat quickly, so they do not handle high heat well due to the lower melting temperature of aluminum. Given this limitation, aluminum rotors are used for motorcycles, bicycles, and go-carts.

High Carbon Brake Rotors

For these rotors, manufacturers add carbon to the gray iron mixture used to make street vehicle rotors. These rotors are even lighter than steel and layered steel rotors but absorb heat quickly and do not fracture under stress. They resist warping more than layered steel. Under racing conditions, they cause less noise and vibration. Available only for limited types of vehicles, these rotors are expensive.

Composite Ceramic Brake Rotors

The most advanced and newest rotors are made from composite ceramic. Currently, they are only used on high-end sports and race cars. Composite ceramic is a lightweight material with an extremely high capacity to absorb and dissipate heat. As heat increases, street rotors lose their ability to stop. Ceramic rotors retain 85% more heat than cast iron rotors. However, these rotors cost a lot. A set of two front rotors can cost several thousand dollars.

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Brake Rotors Material Types

Resources Brake rotors are manufactured from many different materials, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Steel Brake Rotors Rotors made from steel are thinner and

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