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Can You Change Brake Rotors Yourself

Many people change the brakes on their car or truck these days. It’s a common do-it-yourself (DIY) automotive repair. You can find a lot of information about how to replace brake pads, brake calipers, and brake rotors for almost any vehicle.

For rotors, some can be difficult to remove and replace, but many are manageable.

Floating Rotor

The “floating” rotor is the easiest type to remove and replace. This rotor type fits over the studs behind the wheel and on the wheel hub or bearing surface. The lug nuts hold the wheel and tire in place and keep the rotor in the correct position.

Bolted to Wheel Bearing Hub Rotor

More difficult to remove and replace are rotors bolted to the wheel bearing hub or the four-wheel locking hubs. These types of rotors have bolts that you have to remove along with the rotor itself. You must maintain proper torque on these bolts, which can be high.

Check the manufacturer’s published discard thickness before ordering your parts. You can check the rotor thickness on the vehicle, but you have to remove the wheel and tire. Use a micrometer or vernier caliper to measure the thickness. Take the measurements in several places on the rotor.

Measurements that are very different or show uneven wear could indicate a warped rotor. If you find different measurements, then replace the rotors, even if they are thicker than the discard thickness. Rotors with uneven wear will quickly damage new brake pads and significantly shorten the expected life.

Your owner’s manual will not show you how to replace the rotors or even the type of rotor on your vehicle. Instead, look for this information in a maintenance manual or on the Internet.

Start by reading or watching the entire brake rotor replacement process. Then gather the needed tools and order the parts. It may take more time than expected, but stick with it to stay safe on the road.

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