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Rotors: Fundamentals

Rotors: Fundamentals


Learn the basics of Rotors, whether for your Passenger Vehicle or your Truck, including maintenance, tools & equipment, material, how to- and when to change. 

Brake Rotors Replacement Cost

Resources Manufacturers make brake rotors for specific vehicle models, trim levels, and year. Without all the details plus the vehicle’s mileage, it’s hard to estimate the cost of replacing the rotors in your car or truck. Let’s look at what you can expect. Because it’s

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How Brake Rotors Stop a Vehicle

Resources Brake rotors (also called discs) are one of the three critical components needed to stop a vehicle. The rotor works with the brake caliper and brake pads to create friction against the wheels and tires, slowing them down. Transforming Energy According to physics, energy

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Brake Rotors | Brake Discs History

Resources Brake discs or rotors came into wide use by American car manufacturers in the mid-1970s. However, as with other automotive innovations, the brake rotor is much older. The first mechanical brake disc system arrived in 1898. It was fitted to the front wheel of

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