Rotors: Fundamentals

Rotors: Fundamentals


Learn the basics of Rotors, whether for your Passenger Vehicle or your Truck, including maintenance, tools & equipment, material, how to- and when to change. 

How Brake Rotors Stop a Vehicle

Resources Brake rotors (also called discs) are one of the three critical components needed to stop a vehicle. The rotor works with the brake caliper and brake pads to create friction against the wheels and tires, slowing them down. Transforming Energy According to physics, energy

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Brake Rotors | Brake Discs History

Resources Brake discs or rotors came into wide use by American car manufacturers in the mid-1970s. However, as with other automotive innovations, the brake rotor is much older. The first mechanical brake disc system arrived in 1898. It was fitted to the front wheel of

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