GOODYEAR Brake Calipers

High-Performance Components Included

Goodyear Brake calipers are built using exacting standards to match original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Every Goodyear caliper comes with the correct brackets and hardware to ensure a perfect installation. Every Goodyear caliper is 100% pressure tested to prevent leaks and ensure quality and safety. Banjo bolts are included in each kit where required. Goodyear calipers provide exceptional longevity, reliability and earth friendliness. Goodyear calipers are remanufactured using 85% less energy and raw materials during manufacturing, resulting in a truly eco-friendly process.
  • Vehicle Specific Application Formation Custom Application
  • Vulcan Braid Shims Noise Reduction
  • Slods and Chamfers Eliminate Vibration and Brake Fade
  • Powder Coated Braking Plates Provide Maximum Rust and Corrosion Protection