Get Ready for Summer on the Road: Hot Weather Means It’s Time to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Brakes

Lauren Fix and Goodyear Brakes

Ready to hit the road this summer? Is your car? If it has been sitting all winter, you need to make sure you can stop before you go. During April’s National Car Care Month, automotive expert Lauren Fix (pictured above) offers tips for drivers to get their vehicles ready for vacation travel. “Hot weather means that … Read more

How to Prevent Rust and Keep Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Driving

Why Winter Road Brine Can Create Corrosion That Harms Your Brakes’ Performance and Lifespan When you rotated your tires, did you find your brakes and braking components needed replacing well before they’ve reached their expected lifespan because of corrosion? It’s not uncommon. The granular road salt or the now very popular liquid brine solution of … Read more

Make Sure You Can Stop Before You Go!

Holiday Travel Image

Holiday Travel Means It’s Time to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Brakes The holidays are almost here, and many Americans will be hitting the road to visit friends and family instead of flying this holiday season. But many of their vehicles have been on a holiday of their own – parked in the garage or being driven … Read more