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Brake Calipers Replacement Cost

Manufacturers make brake calipers for specific vehicle models, trim levels, and year. Because these calipers are made to last for the life of a vehicle, it’s unusual to replace them. Therefore, cost information is more limited.

Let’s look at what you can expect. We’ll show estimated costs to replace calipers in four different 2018 cars and trucks as examples. Warranties vary from 2 years for original equipment and equivalent products down to 90 days for high-performance parts.

The vehicles, each of which has both front and rear disc brakes, are:

  • The popular Ford F-150 XLT with a 3.5 turbocharged 6-cylinder engine.
  • The best-selling, full-size Toyota Camry LE.
  • The compact KIA Forte.
  • The Honda Pilot SUV.

The prices shown here were recently advertised, as available, by national automotive parts suppliers. Specific prices can vary by location, availability, and competition.

Ford F-150 XLT

Caliper options are limited for this popular truck. Most available calipers are remanufactured, meaning they have been rebuilt to a high standard. Remanufactured front calipers cost around $80 each. Consumers should read any warranties offered before buying.

Rear calipers run around $70, with new high-performance calipers available above $100 each.

Toyota Camry

Available front calipers for this car are also remanufactured and may come with a limited warranty. Economy calipers run about $50 and from $60 to $75 for higher quality calipers. Rear calipers have more options but are more expensive. This suggests that fewer replacements take place due to failure.

Economy rear calipers are available for about $70, with better calipers priced in the $95 to $125 range.

KIA Forte

The KIA has a more limited range of prices for remanufactured calipers than the Camry. You can find front calipers anywhere from $65 to $90. Remanufactured rear calipers are more expensive, again suggesting fewer replacements.

These can be found from $85 up to $100 per caliper.

Honda Pilot

For the Honda Pilot, remanufactured front and rear calipers are similarly priced. Front calipers cost between $85 and $110 each.

Rear calipers sell for $90 to $110 per caliper.

A general range for the pricing of remanufactured replacement calipers is about $80 each for front calipers and around $90 each for rear calipers.

Buy the best quality brake calipers with the best warranty in your price range. Don’t skimp on brake calipers because not stopping your vehicle when you need to can cost much more.

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