Calipers: Fundamentals

Calipers: Fundamentals


Learn the basics of Calipers, whether for your Passenger Vehicle or your Truck, including maintenance, tools & equipment, material, how to- and when to change. 

What Causes Brake Calipers to Fail

Resources Only one of the primary components of a vehicle’s braking system doesn’t need regular maintenance. Brake calipers are not engineered or manufactured to need regular care. But the other two maintenance items, the brake pads and brake rotors must be maintained. Brake pads need

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What is a Brake Caliper

Resources Modern disc brake systems work with the coordinated effort of three primary components. These components are the brake pads, the brake caliper, and the brake rotor or disc. The brake caliper is the muscle. Brake Calipers Purpose Brake calipers house the brake pads. They

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