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Should You Replace All Vehicle Brake Pads at Once

When replacing your vehicle’s brake pads, should you replace the front and rear pads at the same time?

70/30 Braking Rule

Vehicle brake systems are designed for the front brakes to do about 70% of the braking to stop the car. The rear brakes do the rest. Because the motor adds more weight to the front of most vehicles, more stopping ability is needed to reduce the stopping distance.

Rear brake pads have two functions: to help stop the vehicle and to keep its rear from rising when braking.

Anyone who has ridden a bicycle understands this. When you apply the front brakes, the front tire goes down to stop the bike. The rear tire rises due to the forward momentum of the bike. The rider and the bicycle can fall due to this unstable condition.

The same thing happens in a vehicle when the rear brakes stop working. The driver risks an uncomfortable and unstable situation.

Why Change Front & Rear Simultaneously

If rear brake pads perform only 30% of the work, why change them at the same time as the front brake pads?

Size Difference

In almost all cases, rear brake pads and rotors are smaller than those in the front. Smaller rear brake pads wear out at the same rate as front brake pads.

Manufacturer Requirement

Some manufacturers require all four sets of pads (one set per wheel) to be replaced at the same time. Changing all four sets of pads at the same time optimizes the vehicle’s braking capacity. The brakes are the second most important safety feature of any car or truck after the driver. It’s critical to keep them in top shape.

80% Worn Rule

To determine if pads need replacing, measure the remaining thickness using special measuring tools. These tools measure the thickness while the brake pads are still in the caliper. However, If you remove the pads, use a small ruler or tape measure.

Replace a brake pad if the thickness is 20% or less of the new pad. With 80% of the pad worn away, the pad’s effectiveness is significantly reduced. You want to avoid this, especially in an emergency stop.

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