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What is Brake Pad Glazing

All drivers should know about the dangers of brake pad glazing.


Glazing is caused when braking temperatures exceed the limits of the brake pad friction material. Glazing results in excessive stopping distances, and it can happen without the driver’s knowledge.


Glazing happens when temperatures exceed the brake pad limits. The pad material hardens and forms a glassy, smooth pad surface. Pads may also crack and fracture. When glazing occurs, brake pads can’t provide the necessary friction with the rotors to stop the vehicle. Stopping distances are compromised. Many times brakes will squeak under light braking conditions or vibrate and shudder during normal braking.

There are several reasons for brake pad glazing.

  1. Repeated hard and rapid braking at higher speeds raises the temperature to the point where it exceeds the limit of the pad material.
  2. Driving with a foot on the brake pedal, called riding the brakes or dragging the brakes, keeps the pads in contact with the rotor. This constant rubbing spikes temperatures beyond the limits that passenger vehicle pads are designed for.
  3. Continuous application of the brakes when coming down a steep hill can result in glazing.
  4. Mechanical or hydraulic failure of the caliper can cause glazing. The caliper forces the pads to constantly rub against the rotor, like riding the brakes or coming down a steep hill. It’s the most dangerous cause of glazing because it occurs without the driver’s knowledge.

Race car brakes are specially designed for the racing environment, so glazing is rare. Racing pads have very high-temperature limits to prevent glazing during a race.

Glazed Brake Pads Fix

When brake pads are glazed, the brake pads should be replaced and the rotors cleaned or replaced. Glazing compromises and ruins the friction material. The calipers and hydraulic system should be examined for mechanical problems or failure. If glazing happens often, the driver will need to evaluate their driving style. They may need to learn not to ride the brakes or to constantly hard stop their vehicle.

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What is Brake Pad Glazing

Resources All drivers should know about the dangers of brake pad glazing. Definition Glazing is caused when braking temperatures exceed the limits of the brake

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