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Brake Pad Replacement Cost

If you’ve thought about changing the brake pads on your vehicle, you’ve wondered about the cost.

Well, the cost to change brake pads is highly variable. There are many factors involved.

Brake Pad Replacement Cost Factors

Factors to consider include:

  1. Cost of the vehicle
  2. Type of brake pad friction material
  3. Quality of the pad
  4. Brake Pad manufacturer

The cost of the pads alone is just the beginning of the total cost to replace brake pads.

Brake Pad Replacement Cost Example

Let’s look at one of the most popular vehicles in America, the Ford F-150 truck.

Using the same vehicle and year, the cost of front brake pads from a major retailer varies from $27 to $99. Rear brake pads range from $27 to $93. The price difference includes the type of brake pad friction material such as semi-metallic or ceramic brake pads.

Brake pad selection should be based on how the vehicle is used.

  1. One owner can use a pickup truck to haul and tow heavy loads.
    1. a more robust and expensive brake pad is needed to meet the large margin of stopping safety when hauling and towing.
  2. Another might use it to drive between school, job, and home.
    1. you put less stress on brake pads when driving at slower speeds on surface streets and fewer miles. In this situation, a less costly option might be acceptable.

In our example of the F-150, brake pads for the front and rear brakes could range from $55 to $200, not including local taxes and fees.

Also, add the cost for the tools and equipment to raise the vehicle, remove and replace the wheel and tire, remove the calipers, and expand the caliper pistons.

Buy the best possible brake pads you can afford when replacing the brakes on your vehicle. The most important safety feature after the driver is the braking system.

Successful braking is much more valuable than the cost of brake pads.

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