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Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle.  And brake pads are one of the 3 components in brake systems, rotors and calipers being the others.
That’s why we build premium quality brake pads to deliver optimal stopping power under the most extreme conditions.
Below are brake pads broken down by sub-topic to help you in your journey.

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What You'll Learn

Learn the basics of Brake Pads, whether for your Passenger Vehicle or your Truck, including maintenance, tools & equipment, material, how to- and when to change. 

What You'll Learn

Changing your brake pads requires having the right tools & equipment.  And you may have many of them already in your garage or can purchase from an autocare center near you.  

What You'll Learn

Do all vehicles use the same brake pads?  Does a race car require a different brake pad than your passenger vehicle? Does a truck use a different brake pad than a car? 

Learn the difference between all of the above and what brake pad is right for your needs.

What You'll Learn

What material makes up your car’s brake pads?  Why are your front tires so black and not your rear tires?  Is all brake pad material equally safe?  

Learn the array of different materials used for brake pads.  

What You'll Learn

Are you a do-it-yourselfer who changes your car’s brake pads?  If not, can you learn?  

Learn how to change your brake pads the safe and inexpensive way.